February 5, 2023

Grease Pencil is a robust NPR device inside Blender permitting you to make drawings or animations in 2D or 3D area.

Modifiers add non damaging results to your Grease Pencil artwork and aid you obtain extra with much less effort.
In my earlier article we noticed all of the 26 Grease Pencil modifiers, what they’ll do and the way they work. At the moment we are going to see a little bit of what you’ll be able to obtain with modifiers by creating these cool animated 2D fireworks.

If you wish to see the video model of this tutorial discover it on the finish of this web page.

To begin you’ll solely want to attract two Grease Pencil strains in separate layers.
We are going to name the lengthy line’s layer ‘launch’ and the quick one’s ‘flower’.

Add an Empty object to your scene (shift+A) and within the Modifier Properties panel add an Array modifier.
Within the settings change the Rely to five or 6, disable all offset modes besides Object Offset and choose your Empty within the Object subject.
Beneath Affect add the ‘flower’ layer in order that it alone might be affected by the modifier.

Now you’ll be able to transfer, rotate and resize your Empty object to create the primary half of the fireworks flower.
If you happen to discover it arduous positioning your strokes you’ll be able to return to Edit mode and modify their place, form, and many others.

Now add a Mirror modifier and allow the X axis solely. Once more enter the ‘flower’ layer underneath affect.
You possibly can readjust your Empty object to create the flower form you need.

Add a Construct modifier with Concurrent mode and alter the Frames quantity to 12.
You’ll have additionally to separate your Grease pencil key-frames to create an animation delay, by transferring the ‘flower’ key-frame to border 12.

Now together with your cursor over the Construct modifier, press shift+D to duplicate it. We are going to use this new modifier to erase the strains after they’re drawn and add a fading impact whereas they’re erased.
Change Transition mode to Vanish and Begin Delay to six.
Allow Fade and enhance the Issue then the Thickness and/or Opacity.

Now when the strains are drawn, the extremity stays in the identical spot earlier than it vanishes, in contrast to actual fireworks that maintain increasing until they’re gone.
That’s why we’ll add a Size modifier and transfer it above the Construct modifiers. Change the Begin and Finish values to 0 and add a key-frame for Finish in body 24.
In body 29 add one other key-frame and alter the worth to 0.15, then in body 30 change the worth again to 0.

That’s it. You possibly can add a Noise modifier so as to add some variation and magic. Put it earlier than the Construct modifiers however after the Array and Mirror modifiers.

So as to add the glow you noticed within the demo above, add a Glow impact from the Visible Results panel.
Be aware that this impact will solely be seen in Rendered preview mode.

If you wish to repeat the animation, simply duplicate the Grease Pencil and Size key-frames within the Dope Sheet.

To duplicate the fireworks, first dad or mum the Empty to the Grease Pencil object then choose and duplicate them each.
Now you’ll be able to transfer, rotate and resize the duplicate Grease Pencil objects as you want.

To alter colours, add a Hue/Saturation modifier to the duplicates and play with the Hue worth.

For extra detailed explanations, you’ll be able to watch the video model of this tutorial on my Youtube channel Mumu Mundo.